Beef steak and ale sausages

Makes approximately 20 sausages
3m hog casings
1.2kg chuck steak
150g breadcrumbs
200ml ale
1 red onion
75g beef suet
1½ tsp salt
1 tsp English mustard powder
½ tsp freshly ground black pepper

Wash casing inside and out and soak for 1 hr in warm water. Sausage casings are usually available from local butchers or online. Cut the meat into pieces small enough to pass through a mincer. Pass the pieces through the mincer. Place the breadcrumbs in a large mixing bowl and add the ale. Finely chop the onion. Add the mince beef to the bowl with the onion and all remaining ingredients. Mix well until blended.
Remove the blades from the mincer and mount the stuffing funnel. Wet the funnel and slip the washed casings over the funnel of the sausage filling attachment. Feed the sausage mixture into the mincer. As the mixture fills the casing, pay out the rolled casing as required. Fill evenly and not too tightly, creating one long sausage. If it breaks, simply start another. Twist the sausages into links. To do this, ease the meat into segments of the desired length, then gently squeeze enough space between segments to twist the sausages a few times to make the link.

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