Roasted Baby Leeks and Bacon

Serves 4
16 baby leeks
3 tbsp. oil
16 slices of bacon
3-4 sprigs flat parsley
1-2 garlic cloves
1 organic lemon
1 slice of toast
20g freshly grated parmesan
20g butter




Parboil the leeks for 2-3min in boiling, salted water. Drain and blanch the leeks in cold water, drain again and leave to cool. Grease a baking tray with oil. Wrap a slice of bacon around each leek and lay on the baking tray. Brush each one with oil and bake in a preheated oven (225°C/gas 8) for 8-10min, until the bacon is crispy. Cut the parsley into fine strips. Peel the garlic and put through a press. Wash the lemon in hot water, pat dry and peel off thin strips with a lemon zester. Chop the toast up into croutons and mix with the parsley, garlic, parmesan and half the lemon zest. Sprinkle the croutons over the leeks. Add tiny flecks of butter and roast for a further 10min. Arrange on plates and sprinkle with the remaining lemon.

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