Garden birds make

Charming creatures are created from cardboard and flowers which appear perfectly at home amid the greenery

Garden Birds

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On a summer afternoon, fun can be had making these charming birds decorated with leaves and colourful garden flowers.

Using simple cardboard shapes, they are easy to make, requiring just a few dabs of paint and household sundries to add the final features.

A posy of dainty blooms and leaves for natural texture are gathered and used to adorn the tiny models, creating a reminder of sunny days spent outside.


Plain and black cardboard

Flowers and leaves



Glue, such as PVA craft glue


Small paintbrush

Pink paint



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Step 1

A simple simple bird shape, with a round head and leaf-shaped body, is drawn on a piece of cardboard and cut out. This can be used as a template for more birds.

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Garden Friends

Photography: Richard Faulks

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