Create Christmas tree candle stands


Christmas firs fashioned from planks of wood make for a glowing festive decoration when used to display candles. These rustic tree stands will create a warm display to welcome guests to your home this season.


• Plank of reclaimed wood approximately 10 times its width in length

• 8mm dowels

• 8mm drill bit

• Wood glue

• Small jars



Step 1: A 56in by 6in by 1in (142 x 15 x 2.5cm) plank is marked out following the diagram below, and cut with a saw to form the tree parts. This makes one tree. Smaller or larger trees can be made from different sizes of plank, providing the proportions remain the same.




Step 2: Two 8mm holes are drilled along each inside edge of the tree halves, making sure they line up. As the wood is angled, it may be easier or safer to drill when it is held in a vice. Glue is applied to the holes and facing inside edges. Dowels are inserted to fit the two sides together and the tree left to dry.



Step 3: Two 8mm holes are drilled through the centre of the base to align with two corresponding holes drilled into the bottom of the tree. Wood glue is applied as before and the sections fitted together using dowels.



Step 4: Each shelf is sanded down for a more even finish. Two 8mm holes are drilled in the back of each shelf.



Step 5: Corresponding 8mm holes are drilled into the tree at the chosen height for each shelf. Glue is applied to the dowels and back edge of the shelf before it is pushed into place.


A candle in a jar is placed on each shelf. Extreme care should be taken with lit candles in close proximity to wood. Alternatively, other decorations, such as plants, could be placed on the shelves.

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