LandScape in the January issue

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LandScape in the January issue

by Holly Duerden |
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The dawning of the year inspires and renews as the months stretch ahead full of promise and hope. With guests welcomed to the annual celebrations, tear and share bread in delicious sweet and savoury combinations is guaranteed to bring everyone together, while bowls of warming salads transform a summer staple, and a creamy dessert favourite is given a fresh twist. As friends gather, a stately gent – the grandfather clock – chimes to remind everyone of the passing of time, and displays of cherished treasures spark memories of days gone by.

With winter at its zenith, the countryside is bright and crisp while the garden slumbers under a thick white carpet. Wrapped within the embracing walls of an elegant hidden garden, neat lines of maple trees and topiary spirals are dusted with snow. Despite the chill, the spidery petals of witch hazel bring warming colour and unexpected perfume in a glorious National Collection, while, in contrast, the papery seedheads of honesty appear pale and pearlescent in indoor arrangements that are almost ethereal. Air plants can also be elevated in simple coppery coiled holders as if they are floating weightless around the home.

The wise face of a characterful bird is simply made from pompoms of soft yarn as, swooping low in flight across frozen fields, the Short-eared owl can be spotted hunting in daylight hours in January, with its piercing yellow eyes. Under pale skies, it is also the perfect season to explore the charming estuary town of Woodbridge in Suffolk and discover its maritime heritage and landmark mill at the waterside.

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