Indulge in sweet bliss: Our handpicked collection of favourite baking recipes

Discover a selection of our favourite baking recipes, from classic cakes, breads and brownies to delicious tarts, cookies and more! Choose the perfect recipe for every occasion.

Fruit layer cake

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Baking is more than just a combination of ingredients; each recipe is a masterpiece in culinary artistry. Home baking transcends just a process, it is a creative expression and a delightful way to share warmth and love through the aroma of freshly baked treats. Whether you're a seasoned pastry chef or a kitchen novice, our carefully curated list of baking recipes offers something for everyone.

25 baking recipes

Satisfy your tastebuds with our tempting bakes, perfect for a delightful afternoon of home baking. From timeless classics to intricate multi-layered cakes, each recipe is carefully crafted to ensure your baking journey is not only delicious but also satisfying.

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Sweetly creamy white chocolate makes an indulgent filling for this easy cake recipe.

Steeped in dark juices and studded with jewelled fruit, these tangy brownies make the most of early autumn’s blackberry crop.

Blueberry has a delicate sweet taste with a touch of tartness, adding floods of deep colour to this delicious loaf.

The boldness of the season is replicated in this sweet dessert, with a rainbow in every serving.

Petals provide pretty, colourful garnishes as well as delicate flavour to botanical bakes, which are perfect for a sunny day. Perfect for afternoon tea.

The bounty of the hedgerow is transformed into intensely flavoured jams, which can be used to make these tasty berry-filled bakes.

Sweet, tangy and with a warming kick, this recipe for marmalade and ginger cake is quick and simple but absolutely delicious…

Deep red, tender, and with a slightly sharp edge, raspberries bring fruity sweetness to this summery bake.

Honey adds a rich taste of the countryside to this mouth-watering tart.

Adding dried lavender flowers to this sweet dish creates a taste of summer. It is light enough to have a slice after a big meal.

Versatile and full of goodness, almonds add a richness to this delectable dessert, which is sure to be a hit.

The delicate taste of juicy pears paired with chocolate makes for a tasty treat and a chance to use up autumn's bounty.

With its rich, caramel taste tempered by a hint of bitterness, black treacle makes a luxurious addition to this sumptuous cake.

Chewy, soft and delicious warm from the oven, these indulgent white chocolate cookies are heightened with the addition of sweetly tart damsons. Perfect served with a cuppa.

Full of fruity flavours, this plum bread is perfect to share with friends and family. Serve dusted with icing sugar.

Sweet and fragrant, the spice vanilla adds a luxurious taste to this sumptuous bake. A perfect after-dinner dessert.

Creamy, sweet and tangy, summer slices are made for sharing on a sunny day. Ideal bakes for afternoon tea.

Said to have been made in celebration of the monarch’s coronation, this classic Elizabeth sponge is layered in cream and bejewelled with berries, perfect for a special occasion.

Topped with juicy fruits, this delicious bake is made even more opulent and tempting. The loaf makes a perfect centrepiece dessert.

With the added flavour of whiskey, these tasty iced buns are perfect for sharing on a special occasion.

Chestnuts lend a mellow flavour and varying texture to this indulgent cake for autumnal warmth.

The delicate flavour of elderflower in a luscious cream is paired with the sharp sweetness of strawberries for an extravagant bake. A classic combination on a sunny afternoon.

Treat family and friends to this easy bake, which celebrates earthy rosehips and cardamom.

Sharply sweet citrus flavours perk up seasonal dishes, such as this luscious cake, topped with orange slices, which makes the perfect winter dessert.

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