Barbecue lemon and lime chilli tiger prawns

Lemon and lime chilli tiger prawns

by Liz O'Keefe |
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Eating sizzlingly, fresh barbecue meals outdoors heightens the pleasures of summer. Here's our recipe for seasoned tiger prawns, perfect to make during National BBQ Week

Serves 4

16 raw shell-on whole tiger prawns

1 lemon

1 lime

1 red chilli

20g bunch fresh coriander

50g melted butter

sea salt and black pepper

Butterfly the prawns by holding each one down flat on a chopping board and cutting in a sawing motion with a serrated knife along the curved back, from the top of the head to the beginning of the tail. Remove and discard the intestine, a thin white and sometimes black strip at the edge of the inner shell.

In a food processor, add a third of the coriander, the zest and juice of the lime, the butter and the chilli. This is trimmed, then deseeded if a mild heat is desired. Season then blitz roughly. Place the prawns in a shallow tin and pour over the coriander mixture. Marinate for at least 1 hr.

Heat the barbecue until the coals are white and set the shelf at the top. Add the prawns to the rack and cook for 5-6 mins, turning halfway through, until completely pink, opaque and firm. Serve with the lemon cut into chunks and the remaining coriander.

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