The June 2019 issue of Land Scape , savouring the sweetness of early summer

The June 2019 issue of LandScape, savouring the sweetness of early summer

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The arrival of June signals the gentle change from spring’s fresh carpet to the soft colours of early summer. With days suffused with warm light and sun-dappled vistas, spending time outdoors becomes even more appealing. Whether it is pottering in the garden or exploring further afield, this issue is full of ideas for making the most of the new month.

Enjoy the subtle palette of a cottage garden in a tranquil enclave tucked away on a breezy ridge. Learn how rare wild orchids thrive in untamed meadows on the Welsh borders, a sanctuary for these exotic beauties. The hardy geranium also shows off its finery, with saucer-like blooms enlivening borders as they open to greet the sunshine.

In the kitchen, dishes become more colourful too, from light lunches packed with seasonal flavour to a regal bake crowned in jewelled fruits. Teatime favourite, the scone is given a twist, drizzled with citrus icing, studded with lavender buds or speckled with green herbs.

Ruby red wild strawberries add vibrancy to table arrangements and the scarlet-cloaked ladybird arrives to help the gardener deal with summer pests. The pastel hues of the foxglove are brought to life by an artist who fashions well-read pages into delicate petals and young friends spend time in the fresh air painting rainbow colours on charming paper butterflies.

Beauty is all around on a walk along the pine-edged shores of a glittering loch, where a hidden island is waiting to be discovered. And the unspoiled Northumberland coastline, dominated by ancient fortresses, is all the more breathtaking when bathed in June’s pale glow.

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