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Nature is beginning to stir as new buds to burst forth and the first movements of spring are felt. The March issue of LandScape is full of ways to make the most of the season and to celebrate the lengthening hours of daylight, with plenty of recipes and crafts to enjoy, and fascinating features to read.

Indulge in the flavours of spring with a variety of seasonal dishes. We celebrate the rosy colour and sweet tang of rhubarb, with plenty of ideas to make the most of its flavour and bright appearance. A St Patrick's Day feast includes recipes for soups, stews, pie and cake, all laced with Irish stout. A cascading tower of sprouting edible greens is ideal for the kitchen table to be eaten freshly picked.

There are also plenty of craft ideas to keep fingers busy. A woolly knitted sheep makes a winsome cushion cover and one craftswoman creates colourful works of art in tiny buttons, then shares how you can make your own. Richly perfumed hyacinths are brought indoors and simple arrangements become bright, fragrant displays.

There is much to discover in the wider countryside. We travel to the green lowlands of Galloway in south-west Scotland to learn about a heritage breed of distinction. Under the enormous skies of the Fens, the small medieval city of Ely, with its spectacular cathedral, is revealed. In the central Highlands, scenes of nature are skilfully wrought in steel and the temperate climate of the south-west coast provides the perfect conditions for growing a very British tea.

At this time of year there is much to explore and discover as the countryside flutters with life. At LandScape we celebrate all it has to offer.

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